Our representatives get to know you and your business – when you call us, we know your story. We know how your shift premiums work, how to handle that pesky wage garnishment, how your paid time off policies work, the list goes on and on. We can provide you with the payroll information you need to pass on to your accountant, 401k provider, workers comp auditor, etc. Our attention to detail gives you peace of mind, our flexibility gives you options and control over your payroll.

Payroll and Payroll Administration

Market Dimensions provides comprehensive payroll and payroll administration. We have invested in powerful payroll/human resource information software to provide exceptional service and value to our clients.

Our basic services include:

  • Checks/Direct deposits/Pay advices
  • “Paperless” check delivery to employees – pay stubs can be viewed on our web portal
  • Annual Form W-2 preparation and delivery
  • Source-to-gross and gross-to-net pay calculations
  • Benefit-related withholdings (Insurance, Retirement Plans, etc.)
  • Court-ordered withholdings/garnishments
  • New Hire reporting
  • Personal local delivery

Payroll Tax Administration

With our complete tax service, we assume the responsibility to collect and remit payroll taxes. Our services include:

  • Employee income tax withholding
  • Tax remittance and reporting
  • Quarterly federal payroll tax filings
  • Quarterly state and local payroll tax filings
  • Unemployment compensation monthly reporting and quarterly tax filings

Payroll & Management Reporting

With each pay cycle we generate a series of standard payroll reports, including the following:

  • Payroll registers
  • Direct deposit register
  • Deduction register
  • Departmental labor distribution

Reports are available in a variety of electronic formats. Custom reports are also available.

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